The Refugee That Lost His Family

Dear family

I was forced to leave my country because of war. On this amazing and scary trip we encounter pirates and many storms. The pirates tried to steal from us many times but there was nothing for them to take apart from food and water. Many people died from children to parents. When we first left the port there were 60 people, by the end only thirty remain.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity I saw land. About a day later I walked on land for the first time in weeks, maybe months. I have been by myself for about a year now in a refugee camp in some place that I have never heard of. I really want to know where you are so that I can see you again. I look over the boundary of camp and all I see is dirt and burnt bushes. The dirt is red like the fur on the back of a kangaroo. There are many small shacks that have rusted out. Many children are slouching around because of things that have happened to them. The other day a kid laying on the ground and he was just staring into the dark night sky.

Every day I wake up in a tent full of people with a horrific smell in my face. It smells like rotten food and vomit. It smells so bad that I wear a mask on my face all day and all night. I sleep in a small shake looking tent that is no bigger than a school room with thirty people in it. I am feeling really sad and alone. It’s like I’m not even living in this world. I have barely anything, all I have is a passport and a few pairs of clothes. I look like a worm I’m that hungry and thirsty. I sleep on a two person mattress on the ground with eight other people on it. I miss good food and school but I miss you the most.

Everyone at the refugee camp wants me to be happy and grateful for where I am and what I have, but I’m very lonely, a wolf without a pack. I want to go home but it isn’t safe. All I want to do is feel the warm hug of our family. Every night I dream of you standing in front of me holding my hands. I miss you so much and I can’t wait to see you for the first time in a long time. Please help me I’m like a lonely cloud in the endless sky.

Yours sincerely

Your son/bro xoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoox By beau

my hopes for the future

My hopes for the future are to play lot of tennis and just keep on getting better.  When I say that I want to get better I want to be better at my serving and all the tennis skills. when I go to my next tennis tournament I want to win at least 2 of my singles games and 2 of my doubles.

I also want to do more fishing and get more fish. This year I want to have bought my motorbike and to learn how to ride it and go up river on it and to Lucky Bay,  so pretty much i just want to improve in everything.

How It Feels To Be Excluded

Imagine if you were forgotten or in my case excluded it feels horrible.  It makes you feel alone and like you have no friends or family and your heart it just gets ripped out. It makes you want to go all out with anger and aggression. If you were being excluded what would do?  Would you walk away and cry or stand up to them. I would stand up to them because if I didn’t I would regret it. I would probably go and hide in fear like I had done something really bad.  If you were excluded once you would probably get excluded again and again. So you are going to have to do something about it by finding new friends and making a new bond with them.  It’s kind of like a chain.  If you are getting excluded please see somebody because you will feel a lot better.

Nerf Gun Warfare

Like Aunt Baba and Adeline relationship its like my cousin Jayden and I.  I get along with him because we like the same things such as Nerf Gun wars yeah!   Once we had a massive Nerf Gun War at Harrison’s house, it went for hours.  Jayden and Harrison kept ganging up on me.

The best year of my life

Last year was the best year of my life.  I won my first trophy last year.  I got it when i went on this tennis camp it was amazing.  Tom and Harrison and I went to this camp together, it was down in Geraldton.  First we went and set up all of our gear then went to the tennis courts.When we got there we did the beep test, a test where you had to run on the beep like this beep run beep run beep run and so on. For the first two and a half days we did the basics like forehand, backhand, vollies and SMASHES! Then on the last day at the tennis camp we had a massive tournament.  I had to verse 8 people like Tom and Harrison. There were about 64  at the tennis camp and I was in the second highest division. I had won all of my games and had to verse Tom in the last game. I had won I was so happy.  It came to trophy time. I got champion and it was the first trophy I had ever got and that is why that was the greatest  memory of my life.