Last post of the year from me

It has been a very quick year and an enjoyable one. I have had the pleasure of teaching the lovely Year 8 and 9 students, great bunch of kids. Thank you all.

Tonight is the school concert and presentation night. Only one student per class can win the award but more than one student has produced their best work this year in my class and they are all winners to me. Well done to all of of you who consistently gave their best.

Next year the Year 9 class in particular will look quite different. Many students are moving on to other schools in the city. I wish you all the very best. I know you will do well and your friends will miss you. Good luck! Continue to work hard.

I am also moving on next year temporarily. I have accepted a 12 months appointment as English Teacher at Narrogin Agricultural College but I will be back.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our contributors to the blog and our readers. It has been fun.

Merry Christmas to you all and may good health and happiness be yours in 2017.

Lynn Flannery




Tommorrow when the war began, is a series of a group go young Australian teenaged who go camping and miss out on a military invasion.They all decide to stay hidden and stand up for themselves. They try many risk-full attempts to try and try to stall and mess around with the invaders before they controlled the country.

The book has a very engaging writing style, this helps set scene, stronger sense of emotion or feeling for characters. I also found this book to have a strong kind of similarity to my setting of where I live to what the book had. When I was reading the book I was automatically thinking of Kalbarri and its similarities to Wirraiwe. Cobblers bay made me think of the river mouth, Kalbarri’s national park reminded me of hell and just as well was the town wirraiwe the small country town so much similar to Kalbarri. The movie though destroys all of those similarities to what you have thought of in your head and could relate to with real life situations or people, places etc. Once you’ve watched the movie or the story being played out for you it is very hard to re-create the same kind of setting and everything else.

The movie was actually kind of upsetting again because I noticed how there were a lot of lines and identical scenes written just like the book. There is no obvious tweaking and re-creation from the Hollywood directors. And I always thought movies were always ‘tried’ to make better then the book. I mean that’s half the reason why people would make movies based on books.

When John Marsden was writing the book it wasn’t him writing it it was a character he created to narrate the book. Everything is from here loin tot view (Ellie). The movie I guess changed (her in the book) writing journal entires. Though in the movie it was video entires probably not a huge thing they changed but it was something that changed. Also probably the only other thing that was different from book to movie. Was Homer and Kevin’s snake scene.
This scene was kind of hard to not realise the switch of character. but I only realised this until it was pointed out. But the scene is still the same, basally in the movie Kevin goes over to his sleeping bag and there is a snake in it. Though in the book its Homers bag and Homer has to deal with the snake.

After comparing and contrasting the film and book. I would definitely prefer the book then the movie. Mostly because it had more detail and explanation to certain things that the movie failed to pick up on. The book also gives you your own certain kind of mental film, your own style of characters, settings and how emotion and things effect come characters in the book.

Year 8 Excursion

This morning the Year 8 students went down town to make a film to send to our pen friends.  We all had a lovely time.  As always, the weather was lovely and the students filmed each other enjoying some of their usual past times such as fishing, building sand castles and being at the skate park.  We will be editing the movies over the next week or two and I’m looking forward to seeing the finished result.

Year 8 Excursion – Monday, 5 December

On Monday, 5 December, the Year 8 English class will walk down town to make a video for their pen pals in Italy. This is in response to a video sent from Italy in which our pen pals showed us around their town.

We plan to film at the foreshore/jetty/skate park/beach and Chinaman’s Lookout. We will have ‘recess’ at Sally’s Tree and return to school at lunchtime.

Students can bring along a small ‘prop’ such as a skateboard, small fishing rod, ball or frisbee to use in the video.

Permission slips will go home on Monday.

Parents are welcome to join us.

Students on the Blogging Challenge

Readers from the Student Blogging Challenge, here are your possible choices this week:

Activity #1
Readers, what natural disasters or emergencies are factors where you live? How have you prepared? If you have faced a large-scale emergency, how did you deal with it? Do you have any advice for us? Please let us know in a comment (and please leave your blog URL!).

Activity #2
Write a list post of items that a student can put in an emergency bedside kit. If you had to leave in a hurry, what could you have ready to grab-and-go? (Come back when you are done and leave your URL so we can read your post).

Activity #3
Write a post describing a natural or human-caused emergency that has happened in your community. What were the consequences? How did you, your family, or emergency responders deal with it? (Come back when you are done and leave your URL so we can read your post).

Activity #4
Please take our Emergency Preparedness Survey. We will share the results and our conclusions by mid-November. Thanks!